We have recently become aware of a phishing scam currently targeting many domain name registrants which fraudulently advises them that their domain name registration has been ‘suspended’.

In an attempt to bait users to click and subsequently download a malware file, the fraudulent email claims that the domain name has been suspended by Synergy Wholesale because the registrant has failed to respond to previous email and telephone notices to “…address the complaints”.

The emails are originating from what would appear as “Synergy Wholesale” but in most cases the sending email appears to be [email protected]. These suspension emails are NOT being sent from Synergy Wholesale.

Do NOT click any of the links in the email and DELETE the email immediately.

In an attempt to make the emails appear genuine, information from the public WHOIS – including the registrant name, the registrar of record and the registrant’s email address – are referenced in the email.

Customer security and protection is very important to us and as such we encourage all resellers to notify and relay this information to their own customers.

Should you have questions on the validity of any email appearing to be from Synergy Wholesale please do not hesitate to login to our system and submit a new support request to our team.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

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